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Water pillow has a clinically proven design and provides continuous neck support to relieve pain

Restore your energy, freshen your appearance, soothe daily stresses, all of this is possible when you improve your quality of sleep - clinically shown to do just that, improve sleep quality!

freshen your appearance water pillow restore your energy
Water Pillow: $59.99
water pillow cover

Keep your Water Pillow or any other standard size pillow clean and fresh and longer lasting with the Quilted Luxury Cover. This great cover extends the life of your pillows for long term use and is quilted on one side to provide an extra layer of soft fiber for added comfort on the sleeping surface. It is made from 100% cotton percale fabric with a zipper closure to allow the water pillow to be completely covered. The Quilted Pillow Protector is machine washable and measures 22" x 28".

Water Pillow & Luxury Cover: $69.99
Quilted Luxury Cover: $26.99
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The water pillow has a soft hypo-allergenic fiber filling supported by an easy to fill water pouch, providing you with the most luxurious, most rejuvenating sleep of your life. You adjust the support level that is perfect for you simply by adding water, you prefer soft, medium or firm comfort, with the water pillow the choice is always yours.

water pillow details
  1. 100% Cotton Percale Outer Cover.

  2. Soft, hypo-allergenic, high quality fiber providing a truly relaxing and comfortable sleep.

  3. Thermal insulator, made from material developed by NASA ensures ther is no heat loss from the head and neck to the water pillow.

  4. Water pouch secured to the base of the pillow provides the responsive head and neck support.

Adequate head and neck support during sleep might have a beneficial carryover effect on daytime pain relief.

A higher quality of sleep helps you look and feel better and in a published clinical study conducted at the world renowned Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Doctors found that the water pillow ranked best in all aspects of quality of sleep tested, including how fast subjects fell asleep, how few times they woke up and the all important overall quality of sleep.

clinically proven research

From the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neurology, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: The Water Pillow was consistently associated with statistically significant improvements in the overall quality of sleep and pain relief and was consistently better than the other pillows. Positive effects of the water pillow may be due to its ability to spontaneously conform to the position and shape of the head and neck. The polyester fiber is compressed by the head and neck, and it transfers this weight to the supporting non-compressible water filled pouch. This water filled pouch spontaneously redistributes the weight of the head and neck during changes in sleep positions.

Restore your energy, improved quality of sleep reverses the negative effects of fatigue and freshens your appearance. Enhanced sleep rejuvenates the skin to ease wrinkles and soothe daily stresses. Uninterrupted sleep is associated with improved coping skills and a higher quality of sleep helps you look and feel better.

water pillow adapts to changing positionsOur water pillow gently adjusts to constantly support the head and neck in optimal posture. Your head floats over a thin layer of water for comfort providing improved sleep quality and reduced neck pain and headaches. When on the back, the water pillow cradles the neck with support in all directions. As you roll from back to side, the water instantly adjusts to maintain correct head and neck support. The hypoallergenic fiber filling is also much more comfortable than foam with a down like feel.

easily filled with water

The pillow that has been scientifically designed and clinically shown to improve quality of sleep. Because the water pillow can be customized to give you exactly the support you want, soft, medium or firm, it's important to take a few minutes to understand how to add just the right amount of water and to release any excess air.

Sit the pillow upright in a chair, so that the cap is at the top. Remove the cap by turning it counter clockwise, this funnel comes with the pillow, screw the funnel into the valve opening, the funnel will make it easier to add water, how much water you add is entirely up to you, but we suggest you start with a medium firmness which is about 3 quarts of water. The best way to add water is with an easy to pour container such as a coffee pot, tilt the funnel upwards, pour the water into the pillow.

The next step is the most important step, after you pour the water into the water bag you have to get all the air out of the water bag, remove the funnel and with the pillow sitting upright in the chair, you can see that the water is all at the bottom of the water bag, take both hands and find where the water stops in the water bag, you can actually feel the top of the water with your fingers, so now just simply sweep the top part of the water bag in an outward motion, by sweeping the bag outwards, you will push all the air out of the water bag through the valve opening, keep one hand on the top part of the water bag so that the air does not go back in, then simply replace the cap. Tighten firmly, but no need to over tighten.

Now remember you can always change the level of support you get from the water pillow simply by adding or removing water from the pillow. If you want more support for your head and neck just add a bit of water, if you want less support, simply remove a bit of water, but always remember to remove the air in the water bag each time you add or remove water.

The Water Pillow Measures 20" x 28" (queen size)

Water Filled Pillow with Extra Neck Support
water filled pillow with extra neck support

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