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The memory foam in this travel neck pillow responds to your body heat to better conform to the shape of your head and neck

If you travel alot, this is the perfect neck pillow for support. Allows you to sleep as well while traveling as you do at home. The lobed design of the travel neck pillow allows you to sleep sitting up on a plane, train, or bus as well as lying down. It is comfortable and easy to travel with.

Travel Neck Pillow With Memory Foam And Cloth Cover!Viscoelastic memory foam responds to the heat of your neck and shoulders and conforms to your unique shape to help support your head and neck so you can relax. Versatile for use at home or when travelling and made of highest quality materials to ensure durability.

The Visco Elastic Memory Foam Travel Pillow makes a great gift for the traveler. The inside of this travel neck pillow is made of 100% viscoelastic memory foam and conforms to the unique shape of the neck and head. The Visco Elastic Memory Foam Travel Pillow provides support as you sleep sitting up on a plane, train, or bus.

You can also use it as a neck support when lying down. The Travel Neck Pillow comes with a plush velour cover that zips at the back and removes easily for washing.

This neck pillow is perfect for traveling. Use it with the lobes down for support while seated and up or down for support when lying down.

Measures: 2.8" x 9.8" x 10" approximately 2 pounds.

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Travel Neck Pillow: $49.99

If we may assist you in any way or if you have questions related to the travel neck pillow, please feel free to contact us. We also have a travel size water pillow for great support while sleeping on the road and the popular