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Sleep on your side in comfort with the pressure relieving Side Sleeper Pillow

The Side Sleeper Pillow is the most advanced side sleeping neck pillow design on the market. Unique pre-formed facial and shoulder cradles designed to reduce head, neck & jaw tension, snoring & insomnia. NASA developed heat sensitive, pressure relieving Visco-elastic memory foam. It comes standard with a machine washable, hypoallergenic, cotton velour cover.

Side Sleeper Pillow - Small (12 x 24 x 3): $86.99
Side Sleeper Pillow - Medium (12 x 24 x 4): $89.99
Side Sleeper Pillow - Large (12 x 24 x 5): $99.99

    Pillows measure 12" x 24" with 3 optional pillow heights based on your height:
  • 3" tall (small pillow) recommended for people who are 54" and shorter
  • 4" tall (medium pillow) recommended for people who are 55" to 5'10"
  • 5" tall (large pillow) recommended for people who are 5'10" and taller
  • Between sizes? Choose smaller if you are on the small side (petite or small boned) and larger if you are on the large side (large boned or heavier)
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    Side Sleeper Pillow

    This special pillow has three important design features, which distinguish it from all other neck pillows. The full facial cradle helps reduce pressure points on the jaw and ear. This means increased blood flow to the face while sleeping, reducing the tendency for facial tissues to crease or sag.

    The left and right contour airway system maximizes airflow while side sleeping to help you experience improved breathing. Some users have reported a reduction in snoring.

    The 12-degree shoulder cradle accommodates the acute angle between your head, neck, and shoulder while sleeping on your side. You may experience significant improvement in your spinal alignment between the neck and back.

    good pillow for shoulder problemsThe anatomical shoulder cradle will reduce the body weight impact on the shoulders, increasing blood flow to the arms which can be problematic for side sleepers.

    Made from premium Visco-elastic memory foam, originally developed by NASA. This pressure relieving memory foam is sensitive to body temperature and weight, easily conforming to your own personal neck anatomy making it the most comfortable pillow for side sleeping on the market.

    The memory foam in the side sleeping pillow will automatically adjust and contour to your body temperature and head weight as your head and neck stabilize in its resting place. When equalization between head weight and the elasticity of the memory foam is achieved, your head and neck posture will be ideally aligned with your spinal column when sleeping on your side.

    The pillow is a perfect match with our body pillow, also made with memory foam, for the absolute best alignment, support and comfort for side sleeping! More information on the use of the side pillow and hear what users say about their side sleeping pillow.

    The side sleeper pillow is also available in smaller sizes; see our Travel Side Sleeper Pillow

    The Side Sleeper Pillow is mostly for side sleeping, it can be used for short periods of back sleeping.

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