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The Posture Pillow is a specially designed therapeutic cushion to improve posture while relaxing or exercising

The Posture Pillow is a patented device that stretches the chest region, relaxes back muscles, reduces forward head posture and improves overall posture.

How the Posture Pillow Works: The Posture Pillow positions you to allow gravitational force to stretch anterior body tissues while placing the posterior tissue in a shortened position. the Posture Pillow is designed to bring your head and shoulders into a healthy, normal postural position. This simple benefit allows comfortable, balanced and functional motions for your life, which reverses or eliminates common upper body aches and pains.

The Posture Pillow (shown without the washable cover, which is included) uses gravity to reverse the effects of poor posture. The image below illustrates the cushion’s unique contours and scientific design.

Posture Pillow Details

  1. The headrest stabilizes the head.

  2. The neck support promotes a natural curve.

  3. The center gently extends the upper back while stimulating the spinal postural muscles.

  4. The shoulder slope allows gravity to stretch the chest muscles and allows the back muscles to relax.

  5. Smooth transition for the lower back.

Using the Posture Neck PillowWhy Is The the Posture Pillow Important? During the day, a person bends their spine forward on average between 1,500 and 4,000 times per day while bending back their spine, at best by less than half of that. This imbalance in motion, over time, develops poor neck posture and rounded back, off-centered joint positions and asymmetrical musculature. Poor posture can be corrected in mild to moderate cases and aided in severe cases with proper positioning using the the Posture Pillow to recreate a balanced body.

How Do I Know If My Body Pain Is Because Of Poor Posture? You may be at risk of suffering the effects of poor posture. Over 50% of all common aches and pains above the chest are related to poor posture. Check with qualified healthcare professionals for proper testing.

Here are some common painful manifestations of poor posture:

  • Aches and pains in the upper torso, neck and shoulders
  • Headaches
  • Pinching pain in front of shoulders
  • Sharp pain in ribs or back

How Should I Use The Posture Pillow? After being hunched over a computer all day, slaving away on an assembly line with neck and back pain, or just slouched on the couch, place the the Posture Pillow on your bed, couch, or floor and relax or implement an exercise regimen to use on the Posture Pillow. The the Posture Pillow is designed to do the rest. For severe postural changes, use the Posture Pillow between 5 and 20 minutes at least once daily depending on ones physical condition. Good posture is now in your control with the Posture Pillow!


  1. Lay the Posture Pillow on the floor, bed or couch.
  2. Lie supine on the Posture Pillow with head in headrest.
  3. When lying on the floor, bend knees or place a pillow under the knees so the lower back rests comfortably against floor.
  4. Place arms out in 30 to 45 degree angle from body with palms facing up to utilize an exterior rotation for a proper stretch, resting arms on pillow to maintain same height as torso, or place hands on stomach.
  5. Use up to 20 minutes. Overstretching can occur if overused.
  6. Exercises can be used on the Posture Pillow and is recommended.
  7. For best results, exercises should be done to strengthen the postural muscles and to tighten the anterior muscles after being stretched.

Benefits of the the Posture Pillow

  • Stretches the front upper body tissues
  • Shortens the back tissues
  • Stimulates the spinal postural muscles
  • Increases circulation
  • Opens up the chest region, increasing respiratory functions
  • Alleviates upper AND lower back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves posture by aligning head, neck and upper body in correct position
  • Reduces slouching, improving self confidence

Depending upon ones condition, the Posture Pillow's placement of the head and neck in normal postural position may be too extreme for some patients, especially those with a high degree of poor neck posture. If you are an elderly person, or someone who has a serious medical condition, please consult a medical specialist before use of this product. If the Posture Pillow is too uncomfortable, fold a towel and place in the headrest. This will add more comfort.

Consult a health care specialist to see if the Posture Pillow is right for you. Before starting an exercise program, consult a health care specialist as some exercises may be dangerous, especially if diagnosed with Osteoporosis or other medical conditions. Overuse of the Posture Pillow can overstretch tissues. Do not overuse.

This is the correct position. Notice the chin is not sticking up.

This is the wrong position. If the chin is sticking up, tuck the chin in.
If there is a problem tucking the chin in, fold a towel and place
under head until body becomes accustomed to better alignment.

This is an advanced stretch for the chest region. This stretch is very effective.

For an exterior rotation of the shoulders, palms facing up.

For people with pain in the neck using the Posture Pillow, fold a towel and place in headpiece.
As the body adjusts to becoming in proper alignment, the towel can be taken out.

New Posture Neck Pillow

The Posture Pillow now comes with a new, softer cover in a natural color and features a foam insert that fits into the headpeice instead of using a towel.

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Posture Pillow FAQ's

  1. Can I sleep on the Posture Pillow?
    Sleeping on the Posture Pillow is not advisable. Sleeping may cause overstretching of the chest and neck muscles!
  2. What if my chin points up while using the Posture Pillow?
    Tuck the chin in or fold a towel up and place in head rest until body becomes adjusted. Using a folded up towel will add more comfort, but won’t be as effective. As the body adjusts, the folded towel will not be needed.
  3. How do I know if the Posture Pillow is working?
    Some people feel a stretch right away while others will take a few days. Everybody is different, but the Posture Pillow will stretch the chest region and relax the head.
  4. What if I am a side sleeper, can I still use it?
    Yes, the Posture Pillow was designed to be used between 5 and 20 minutes. You can use the Posture Pillow before going to bed, after waking up or anytime during the day.
  5. Can I use the Posture Pillow in the car or while sitting?
    The Posture Pillow was designed to be used while lying on the back using gravity. Using in a chair or driving is not recommended as the Posture Pillow will fall when leaning forward. Use the headrest in your car. It will help bring your head back to better alignment and will ease the back and neck tension.
  6. What if my neck hurts while using the Posture Pillow?
    If your neck hurts while using the Posture Pillow, fold a towel up and place in the headpiece. As your body adjusts to being properly aligned, the folded towel will not be needed. If pain continues, discontinue use and consult a medical specialist.
  7. Are there different sizes for different people?
    No, the Posture Pillow was designed as a one size fits all cushion. Although, some people may need to fold a towel and place in the headpiece to ease discomfort and for better alignment of the head. As your body starts to adjust, the folded towel will not be needed.
  8. If I have a major medical condition, can I still use the Posture Pillow?
    Consult your medical specialist before use of the Posture Pillow or any exercise program.

If we may assist you in any way or if you have questions related to the posture pillow, please feel free to Contact Us.