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Neck Wraps are a great way to apply hot and cold therapy to the neck

Neck wraps are contoured to specifically wrap around the neck and/or upper shoulders for a snug and comfortable fit. This allows the heat and cold to be distributed more evenly and consistently which results in a safer and more beneficial application.

Hands free use allows ease of application. We have neck wraps that provide both hot and cold therapy in one wrap which allows an easy transition from cold to hot therapy during injury healing. Make the neck wraps hot by using a microwave which is much safer than some which must be placed in hot water, or cold by pacing the wraps in a freezer.

We have a microwave neck wrap which provides moist heat and uses a velcro strap to provide support for the neck during treatment, neck wraps which are used for both hot and cold therapy along with a unique neck and shoulder cold pack designed to treat pressure points. We also have a herbal neck wrap desined for a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

The Neck Wrap

Microwavable Neck Wrap!Our most popular neck wrap. The safe non-gel provides moist heat and neck support!

Neck Wrap Details

Herbal Neck Wrap

Herbal Neck Wrap With Aromatherapy!Provides healing herbs with soothing heat in an herbal wrap for the neck and jaw (TMJ)

Herbal Neck Wrap Details

Hot Cold Neck Wrap

The Versatile Hot Cold Neck WrapA versatile and durable hot and cold neck wrap comes in 2 styles for a customized treatment.

Hot Cold Neck Wrap Details

Heated Neck Wrap

Heated Neck WrapUses a non-toxic solid gel which cannot leak and a washable cotton twill fabric cover.

Heated Neck Wrap Details

Neck Shoulder Wrap

Herbal Neck Shoulder Wrap Heating Aromatherapy!This wrap provides soothing heat with aromatherapy to neck and shoulders

Neck Shoulder Wrap Details

Therapeutic Neck Wrap

Therapeutic Neck Wrap With Wheat FillOrganically treated neck wrap with a wheat fill for therapeutic hot and cold treatments

Therapeutic Neck Wrap Details

Sports Neck Wrap

Easy To Use and Lightweight Neck WrapSports Neck Wrap is easy to use and helps relieve neck pain and warm tight muscles.

Sports Neck Wrap Details