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Neck Supports provide stability and pain relief

Neck supports may different functions, but they should provide relief from sore muscles, irritated nerves or damaged ligaments from having to bear the entire weight of the head. The head weighs about 10 pounds. Due to injury or degenerative changes in the discs or joints, sometimes the neck needs support especially during periods of extreme postures. Activities such as looking up where the neck is extended for long periods or looking downward when the neck is flexed, a good support can prevent further damage and provide needed relief from constant irritation.

Both the neck support and the neck traction collar supports the neck by lifting the head. This can remove pressure from the muscles, joints and nerves to decrease inflammation. The neck brace supports with a space age material the can help to maintain body temperature.

The neck wrap supports the neck while providing moist heat which can help relieve chronic muscle pain. The NeckAid™ supports the neck by taking weight off of the head when in extended positions and the car neck pillow supports the neck by allowing the head to rest relieving stress when diving for long periods of time in addition to providing an extra measure of safety from rear end collisions.

We hope you will find our selection of neck supports to be of high quality craftmanship and effective design.

Neck Support

Neck Support. Air Inflatable Neck Support. Great To Take To Work!Lightweight, portable and comfortable. Provides neck lift, stretch and traction with air inflation that you control.
Neck Support Details

Neck Traction Collar

New Traction Collar With Better Control and ComfortComfortable Traction Collar with dual pump action for more support control options and pain relief.

Neck Traction Collar Details

The Neck Wrap

Microwavable Neck Wrap!Our most popular neck wrap. The safe non-gel provides moist heat and neck support!

Neck Wrap Details

Neck Brace

Neck Brace Delivers Comfort And Support!This Neck Brace provides unique space age technology for great comfort and support

Neck Brace Details

NeckAid™ Neck Support

Neckaid Neck Support with Memory FoamPrevents over extension when working overhead, reducing neck pain and risk of injury.

NeckAid Neck Support Details

Car Neck Pillow

Neck Support For Your CarNeck support for your car to reduce driving fatigue, increase neck portection and comfort!

Car Neck Pillow Details

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