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Healthy Neck Roll Pillow with Non-Toxic Memory Foam and Hot/Cold Therapy - Made In The USA

The Neck Roll Pillow has been used for many years to provide a contour to support the natural cervical spine curve while lying on the back. This neck roll pillow is unique in that it has memory foam that is certified without harmful chemicals, non-allergenic and comes with an option to provide a microwavable heat pack insert which can also be frozen and used as a cold pack.

neck roll pillow with healthy memory foam and hot/cold pack

The memory foam in the neck roll pillow is very soft and conforms to the shape of your neck quicker tha standard memory foam. When the heat pack is used, the memory foam helps retain the heat and also allows more molding to your neck without harmful off-gassing of chemicals like formaldehyde, while the cold pack can be used for recent injuries to decrease swelling or as a cooling pillow as the unique properties of the special foam responds by providing more support.

Neck Roll Pillow with Healthy Memory FoamThe unique properties of the neck roll pillow make it very therapeutic with or without the hot/cold pack and it measures a generous 5" x 14" which makes it a great travel pillow! Additionally, it can be used as a back support pillow for driving or just lounging. The Hot/Cold Gel Pack measures 9" x 4" and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

This is the most popular of our neck roll pillows and is made of the same superior performance foam as the PostureMed Soft Neck Support Pillow. The neck roll pillow is great for relieving headaches, especially without harmful chemicals like mercury and neck pain from sore muscles.

The soothing heat increases circulation to tired and overworked muscles and the therapeutic cold helps cool and reduce inflammation, while the soft, yet supportive memory with Open Cell PostureGel foam gives a relaxing and pain relieving experience.

non-toxic and non-allergenic memory foam

The washable cotton/poly pillow case is easily removable with zipper and provides access to the hot/cold pack insert.

The memory foam is American Made high quality memory foam with superior performance properties.

The Pillow comes with the cover and hot/cold pack included.

roll with hot/cpld pack

Our doctors appreciate the soothing comfort provided by the neck roll and patients enjoy a relaxing and healing experience. This is not a hard foam tractioning roll, but a soft, therapeutic roll used in the office and for patients at home or on the road.

One of the most benefical features is the special memory foam that is certified to be free of harmful chemicals and uses a baking soda technology for freshness. It will stay fresh and last for many years as it is not a cheap import with fillers like sand used in manufacturing. The foam is performance tested, surpassing standard memory foam for a difference you can feel. A perfect match to the PostureMed Pillow that you can take anywhere.

the best quaility memory foam

Neck Roll & Gel Pack: $49.99 Out of Stock

We have replacement covers for the neck roll pillow.

Replacement Neck Roll Pillow Case: $19.99 Out of Stock

We also have replacement or additional non-toxic Hot/Cold Flexible Gel Packs

Replacement Hot/Cold Gel Pack: $19.99 Out of Stock

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Instructions for Hot and Cold Gel Pack use with the Neck Roll Pillow:

Unzip neck roll pillow cover and remove gel pack. Place gel pack in freezer until desired temperature. Gel pack may be kept in freezer until needed. Place cold gel pack inside pillow and zip it up.

Unzip neck roll pillow cover and remove gel pack. Place in microwave on lowest setting for 30 seconds. Mix contents and repeat if necessary. Gel pack should be warm to the touch. Place in neck roll and zip it up.

Extreme Caution: Care should be taken when using the gel pack with heat as the gel will provide heat and if too hot could burn your skin. Check gel pack before being applied to the body. Make sure the gel pack feels Warm and not Hot.

If we may assist you in any way or if you have questions related to the neck roll pillow, please feel free to Contact Us.