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Neck pillows can help reduce daily morning neck pain and more

Since an estimated one-third of a personís life is spent sleeping, acute and chronic neck pain can benefit from management strategies which include neck pillows.

Neck pillows can help restore normal neck posture while supporting the head and neck and decrease neck pain and discomfort (1). In one study, after 18 months of using neck pillows, 84% of a group of 60 neck pain sufferers achieved clinically important neck pain relief (2). It is evident that using neck pillows significantly reduces pain and improves quality of sleep (3).

Neck pillows with firm support for the normal neck posture curve are recommended for the management of neck pain (4)(5) and neck pillows offering options for sides are more likely to be beneficial (5). Using neck pillows can reduce daily morning neck pain and decrease neck disability in chronic neck pain sufferers (6).

Neck Pain Pillow

Neck Pain Pillow Supports & Restores Normal Neck PostureHelps relieve tension headaches and neck pain by restoring the natural curve of the neck.

Neck Pain Pillow Details

Future Memory Foam Pillow

Future Memory Foam PillowA non toxic, odor free and non allergenic memory foam pillow - The future is here!

Future Memory Foam Pillow Details

Side Sleeper Pillow

Neck Pillow With Advanced Side Sleeper Design!Advanced design with memory foam in the side sleeper makes this one of our most popular pillows!
Side Sleeper Pillow Details

Therapeutic Pillow

Therapeutic PillowA therapeutic pillow available in multiple sizes for better posture in back and side sleeping!

Therapeutic Pillow Details

Orthopedic Pillow

Orthopedic PillowA unique orthopedic design to support correct neck alignment in both back and side sleeping positions
Orthopedic Pillow Details

PostureMed Pillow

PostureMed Pillow Promotes Normal Neck PostureHelps relieve tension headaches and neck pain by restoring the natural curve of the neck while sleeping.

PostureMed Pillow Details

Pillow Pedic

Pillow Pedic 4 Way Support with Traction FeatureCombining memory foam and soft fiber it is specially designed for neck pain relief with 4-way support!

Pillow Pedic Details

Water Filled Pillow

Water Filled PillowThe Water Filled Pillow has three components combined for custom comfort and superior support!

Water Filled Pillow Details

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Inflatable Neck PillowUses a hand held bulb that you control to adjust the pillows air pressure for a perfect custom neck support!

Inflatable Neck Pillow Details

Inflatable Memory Pillow

Inflatable Memory Foam PillowUses a hand held bulb that you control to adjust the memory foam air pressure for a custom neck support!

Inflatable Memory Pillow Details

Neck Support Pillow

Neck Support PillowA fiber filled support pillow with a unique shape and a down like feel helps alleviate neck pain and even snoring!

Neck Support Pillow Details

Sleep Apnea Pillow

Sleep Apnea PillowA comfortable and functional memory foam sleep apnea pillow. Designed to fit any CPAP Mask!

Sleep Apnea Pillow Details

Water Pillow

Clinically Proven Water Filled Pillow!Clinically tested and proven water base design that adjusts to your specific body shape and needs!
Water Pillow Details

Memory Foam Pillow

Foam Memory Pillow For The Ultimate ComfortOur memory foam pillow will help to stabilize an existing condition and provide special comfort.
Memory Foam Pillow Details

Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows help with neck stiffness and insomnia!Buckwheat hull pillows are moldable to provide custom support of the neck when sleeping!

Buckwheat Pillow Details

Cervical Pillow

Cervical PillowCervical pillow uses high quality foam to provide great support in either firm or soft options!

Cervical Pillow Details

Foam Neck Pillow

Foam Neck PillowThe foam neck pillow has 4 foam inserts to completely customize the level of support in one pillow!
Foam Neck Pillow Details

Neck Pillow

Neck PillowStandard support with high quality, precision cut foam using wave ripples for comfort and air flow
Neck Pillow Details

Child Neck Pillow

Child Neck PillowThe perfectly designed pillow for young children and small framed adults for support and comfort!

Child Neck Pillow Details

Neck Arthritis Pillow

Arthritis Neck PillowThe neck arthritis pillow has a multi-channel design to choose the support level needed and limit fiber migration!
Neck Arthritis Pillow Details

Comfort Neck Pillow

Comfort Neck PillowThe comfort neck pillow features a unique cervical contour fitted just for you making it perfect for back or side sleeping.
Comfort Neck Pillow Details

Contour Neck Pillow

Contour Neck PillowA combination of memory and therapeutic foam gives the contour pillow support and comfort!

Contour Neck Pillow Details

Neck Roll Pillow

Neck roll Pillow With Memory Foam and Hot/Cold Pack!Neck roll pillow uses memory foam for comfort and a microwavable hot/cold pack for pain relief!

Neck Roll Pillow Details

Cooling Pillow

Cooling PillowCooling pillow with reusable cold gel insert for migraines, tension headaches and neck pain!

Cooling Pillow Details

Posture Pillow

Posture pillow helps ease stress from poor postureThe Posture Pillow helps ease neck and back stress and works to correct poor posture.

Posture Pillow Details

Buckwheat Comfort Pillow

The most comfortable buckwheat pillow.The buckwheat comfort pillow offers a 3-d shape and is very comfortable and quiet!

Buckwheat Comfort Pillow Details

Car Neck Pillow

Neck Support For Your CarNeck support for your car to reduce driving fatigue, increase neck portection and comfort!

Car Neck Pillow Details