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The car back support helps prevent injuries such as whiplash, by supporting the back, neck, head and upper back

Designed to match the proper shape of the entire spine, the car back support gives the best possible support to the spine in its natural position to maintain posture, reduce driver fatigue and can help to prevent a whiplash type neck injury by preventing the neck from hyperextending.

Car Back Support Aligned ProperlyProvides support and safety while riding in a car. Promotes increased support to lessen postural pain as well as fatigue. Side areas surround kidney areas for better support and stability. Secure strap system for easy fastening to any car single seat. The car back support comes in 3 different sizes Ė Small, Average and Tall.

1) Lumbar support offers better comfort and reduces back fatigue & pain

2) Side support cradles the kidney region offering stability for sides

3) Head & Neck Support for comfort & protection

4) Secure, simple system for fastening

The Car Back Support is an ergonomically designed foam seat cushion that can be placed over and attatched to the existing seat that can reduce the forces generated to the head and neck in a rear collision. It allows the driver and/or passenger to assume a more neutral posture taking the load off the postural spinal muscles and decreasing their fatigue and increasing car driving comfort.

Use it in your car and we are sure you will find it to be a very comfortable addition to the support provided by the seat. Certainly more comfortable than the many original headrests, especially in older vehicles. It provides a substantial increase in the support to the head and neck making long distance driving especially more comfortable.

Car Back Support On Standard ChairMakes a great support for an ordinary chair in addition to your auto. Provides maximum support to the entire spine - lower back, upper back and neck. Eliminate fatigue on long trips, working at a keyboard, or just commuting to work.

Research is continuously being published that shows the importance of the distance from the back of the head to the headrest as a direct link to neck injury risk. The greater the distance between the head from the headrest, the more likely that a whiplash type neck injury will occur.

Whiplash neck injury studies have shown that an effective head restraint as provided by the car back support will reduce hyperextension (backward) motion and its associated neck injury and helps to prevent the resulting rebound hyperflexion (forward) motion. Whiplash studies have also repeatedly shown that the large majority of headrests in current auto models are not effective in preventing this type of injury because the headrest is too far back behind the head, allowing neck injury to occur before the headrest is contacted.

Ensure installation of the car back support does not interfere with car airbags, seatbelts or other safety equipment. Consult your carís Owner Manual. We will not be liable for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of, or in conjunction with, the improper use or fastening of the car back support.

The height adjuster is built into the bottom of the car back support and cannot be removed. It allows a better fit, but is not designed to hold the weight of the support when free standing. The support needs to be attached to a chair or seat by tightening the straps. When fully extended, the height adjuster increases the overall height up to 1 1/2 inches. To use, grasp the bottom of the height adjuster, hold the back support and pull on the adjuster. With the first click, it extends 1 inch, with the second click, it is fully extended to 1 1/2 inches.

The car back support is available in 3 sizes.
Small Back: (5' 2" and Under) | Medium Back: (5' 2" - 6' 2") | Large Back: (6' 2" and Over)

Measuring Car Back Support
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Car Back Support Small: $149.00
Car Back Support Medium: $159.00
Car Back Support Large: $169.00

If we may assist you in any way or if you have questions related to the car back support, please feel free to Contact Us.