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Body Pillows help prevent stomach sleeping, which is the worst sleeping position for the body, placing abnormal stress on the neck, shoulders, ribs, upper back, lower back, jaw and vital organs. The rotational stress placed on the neck can lead to stretching of the cervical nerve roots, causing pain and muscle spasm.

Body pillows offer excellent support for side sleepers, chronic neck and back pain sufferers, and when used during pregnancy.

Body Pillows are a life saver for any pregnant woman trying to find a comfortable sleep position and a body pillow can even help in the delivery room for labor positioning. And after delivery, the pregnancy body pillow is a great aid to a nursing mother as she holds and feeds her baby.

Body Pillow

Body PillowThe Body Pillow has a unique tear drop shape for support and alignment.

Body Pillow Details

Full Body Pillow

Comfortable and Economical Body PillowA full body pillow for comfort and alignment is economical and hypoallergenic!

Full Body Pillow Details

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow With Total Support and ComfortPregnancy pillow is uniquely designed to support the belly and lower back.

Pregnancy Pillow Details

Large Body Pillow

Extra Large Body PillowFor those who demand extra comfort and support, the large body pillow is perfect.

Large Body Pillow Details

Pregnancy Body Pillow

Luxurious Pregnancy Body PillowA Luxurious pregnancy body pillow with down feather fill and cotton cover with color options

Pregnancy Body Pillow Details

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