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Back supports help relieve sore muscles and prevent injuries

Protecting your back can help your neck too. There is a connection between your neck and lower back - your spine. It is important to take care of both ends. Back supports can aid in proper posture when sitting or lifting. It is almost impossible to maintain correct neck posture without making sure your back posture is correct.

Back Supports enhance overall posture by supporting proper spinal alignment while helping to minimize fatigue by reducing strain and energy demand on muscles. Back Supports can also provide relief from conditions aggravated by poor posture including back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension and headaches.

Most back supports are lightweight and small, therefore, very portable. Some support the entire back and neck. We hope you will find our back supports are great for use in the home, car and the office.

Back Support

Back Support with High Tech DesignBack support with air flow design and unique fastening system for comfort and custom fit.
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Back Support Cushions

Foam Back Support Cushions in Many Shapes and StylesOur slection of back support cushions of precision cut foam available in many shapes and styles.
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Car Back Support

Total Support While Driving!The car back support offers total back and neck support and even adds to the safety of driving!

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Back Support Pillow

Back Support Pillow Delivers Comfort And Support!The back support pillow offers comfort and support like the car back support without the headrest
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Back Support Belts

Comfortable and Durable Back Support BeltsBack support belts reduce risk of injury when lifting and are very durable yet quite comfortable.
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Maternity Back Support

Maternity Back SupportMaternity back support helps to ease discomfort and provide support for those difficult months!
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Sacroiliac Belts

Sacroiliac BeltsDesigned to relieve painful stress of the pelvis and sacroiliac joints, and to help reduce inflammation.
Sacroiliac Belts Details

Back Brace

Powerful Back Brace SupportThe safest and most effective means of compression with back brace and pain reduction applications.
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Ergonomic Backpacks

Ergonomic Backpacks Reduce InjuryErgonomic backpacks with air technology are clinically proven to reduce strain on back and neck .
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