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Posture-Med Pillow Details

PostureCell Technology Reduces Pressure Providing Superior Comfort And Neck Pain Relief For Restful Sleep. Designed by a Doctor for relief of morning neck stiffness, headaches and a better night's sleep, the PostureMed Pillow has the highest user satisfaction of any pillow we carry. Soothing head and neck support for great comfort.
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Neck Pillow Store Featured Products

Buckwheat Comfort Pillow

Superioir Quality Buckwheat Pillow!The buckwheat comfort pillow offers a 3-dimensional shape and is comfortable and quiet!

Buckwheat Comfort Pillow Details

PostureMed Pillow

PostureMed Pillow Promotes Normal Neck PostureHelps relieve tension headaches and neck pain by restoring the natural curve of the neck while sleeping.
PostureMed Pillow Details

Therapeutic Pillow

Therapeutic PillowA therapeutic pillow available in multiple sizes for better posture in back and side sleeping!

Therapeutic Pillow Details

Side Sleeper Pillow

Neck Pillow With Advanced Side Sleeper Design!Advanced design with memory foam in the side sleeper makes this one of our most popular pillows!
Side Sleeper Pillow Details

Memory Foam Pillow

Foam Memory Pillow For The Ultimate ComfortOur memory foam pillow will help to stabilize an existing condition and provide special comfort.
Memory Foam Pillow Details

Future Memory Foam Pillow

Future Memory Foam PillowA non toxic, odor free and non allergenic memory foam pillow - The future is here!

Future Memory Foam Pillow Details

Orthopedic Pillow

Orthopedic PillowOrthopedic design to support correct neck alignment in both back and side sleeping positions.
Orthopedic Pillow Details

Neck Roll Pillow

Neck roll Pillow With Memory Foam and Hot/Cold Pack!Neck roll pillow uses memory foam for comfort and a microwavable hot/cold pack for pain relief!

Neck Roll Pillow Details

Car Neck Pillow

Neck Support For Your CarNeck support for your car to reduce driving fatigue, increase neck portection and comfort!

Car Neck Pillow Details

Neck Support Pillow

Neck Support PillowA fiber filled support pillow with a unique shape and a down like feel helps alleviate neck pain and even snoring!
Neck Support Pillow Details

Neck Pain Pillow

Neck Pain Pillow Supports & Restores Normal Neck PostureTherapeutic pillow helps relieve tension headaches and neck pain by restoring the natural curve of the neck.
Neck Pain Pillow Details

Pillow Pedic

Pillow Pedic 4 Way Support with Traction FeatureCombining foam and soft fiber it is specially designed for neck pain relief with 4-way support!
Pillow Pedic Details

Contour Travel Pillow

Durable and Luxurious Satin Covered Contour Travel PillowLuxurious yet durable contour travel pillow with satin cover supports neck and keeps hair and makeup fresh.
Contour Travel Pillow Details

Neck Traction Collar

New Traction Collar With Better Control and ComfortComfortable Traction Collar with dual pump action for more support control options and pain relief.

Neck Traction Collar Details

Body Pillow

Body Pillow with Memory FoamThe Body Pillow has a unique teardrop shape and uses memory foam for warmth and comfort.

Body Pillow Details

The Neck Wrap

Microwavable Neck Wrap!Our most popular neck wrap. The safe non-gel provides moist heat and neck support!

Neck Wrap Details

Back Brace

Powerful Back Brace SupportThe safest and most effective means of compression with back brace and pain reduction applications.
Back Brace Details

Posture Neck Traction

Neck Traction Corrects Poor Posture!Our Posture Neck Traction may correct years of poor neck posture which can to arthritis, pain and stiffness.
Posture Neck Traction Details

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